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About Sneem

Situated in the famous "Ring of Kerry" a route that encapsulates some of the best nature has to offer, Sneem is a village in County Kerry, South West Ireland, long associated with a remote and relaxed way of living. and some of the best views in the country, to be experienced either from the car, on foot or on a bicycle as the weather dictates! In 2002, the population was 672.

Nestled between the Kerry mountains and the wild and rugged coast, the quaint village of Sneem offers brightly colored houses and six traditional Irish pubs where you can unwind after a days sight-seeing and sip back a cold Guinness while having spirited conversations with the warm and friendly locals.

The village is split into two by the Sneem River with the respective sides being known as North Square and South Square. Each part of the village has its own feeling and special beauty, there is really no better way than to spend a day exploring.

There is much public sculpture in Sneem. The work of Vivienne Roche, Alan Hall, Tamara Rikman and a panda sculpture donated by the Peoples Republic of China can be seen in various locations. "The Risen Christ" by Brother Joseph McNally is located in the grounds of St. Michael's Church and the goddess Isis donated by the people of Egypt stands at "The Way The Fairies Went", a collection of buildings designed by Kerry sculptor James Scanlon and executed by local stoneworkers overlooking the river near St. Michael's Church. It was financed by the Arts Council of Ireland as a result of Sneem winning the Irish Tidy Towns Competition in 1987. The project was completed in 1989-90. The buildings won the National Landscape Award in 1997.

Nowadays tourism is very important for Sneem, during the summer months motor coaches bring visitors from all over the world thoughout the day, but Sneem has never lost its charm and remains as small as ever.

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